Made from durable materials such as powder-coated steel, the Summit Series is built for form and function. The matte finish reduces the visibility of fingerprints while the lead-in embossed lids offer restrictive openings to assist in stream differentiation and increased diversion rates.


The Summit Series is a client favorite due to its sleek design and customization capabilities. Choose from sloped or flat-top lid options with varying restrictive openings and let us create graphics and sign accessories to enhance the presence and effectiveness of your program. Or, easily incorporate your own signs and labels with our optional sign kits to effectively communicate your particular waste collection categories.


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Take your waste bin aesthetic to new heights with the Summit Series. With two sleek lid variations, choose the features that best suit your needs with convenient front door access and a sloped or flat-top design. This sharp, modern container will help maximize the success of your program with multiple streams available in a single central unit, and ample space for labeling on the bin and/or using our customizable sign frame kits!


  • VARIETY – Available with sloped or flat lid designed, and can include customizable sign frame kits to ensure your bins look great and function properly for your specific needs
  • OPTIMAL DURABILITY – A strong steel body built with structural reinforcements
  • HIGH END APPEARANCE – A sleek and modern look featuring smooth steel components
  • BUILT FOR ANY PROGRAM – Available in double or triple streams to meet your particular program’s waste diversion needs
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY RECYCLING – Made entirely in North America, including liners made from 100% post-consumer recycled content
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