Having trouble finding a solution for both deskside and centralized collection? Look no further than the Billi Box! This versatile bin is available in a 10 gallon size and features an assortment of colour, lid, frame and label options. With all of these choices the Billi Box is sure to find a place in your recycling program!

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The Billi Box is perfect for classroom collection as well as any other low-traffic centralized location. Available in 7 and 10 gallons, the Billi Box is also extremely customizable from colors, to lid options and decalling.

  • Available in 7 & 10 gallon; making it perfect for low-traffic, centralized locations
  • Stocked in an array of colors with varying lid options available allowing this product to be specifically tailored to brand & program needs
  • Inside rounded edges eliminate build up of dirt and grime in corners