9L Kitchen Organics Kit by Bindoctor

The Kitchen Compost Bin is portable and perfect for short term storage of kitchen compost that was designed with home composting programs in mind.


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9L Kitchen Organics Kit by Bindoctor

Our kitchen organics kit contains easy, convenient and essential products to manage your household kitchen composting.


  • 1 Kitchen Organics bin
  • 1 pack of 9L Kitchen Bin Liners
  • 1 Minibini Deodorizer Unit
  • 6 Months supply of Minibini refills
  • 6 Grease Buddy’s
  • 1 bottle of Binfresh Deodorizer


  • Clean and easy kitchen composting
  • Compact design takes up little space
  • Holds far more compost than the bag liners
  • Eliminates mess and unwanted odors
  • Hangs on cupboard door

Capacity: 2.4 US Gallons (9.6 Quarts / 9.1 Liters)
Dimensions: 8.5”L x 9”W x 11”H
Weight: 1.4 lbs (0.6 kgs)

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