Support your facility’s recycling program, help reduce labor costs, and improve worker well-being.

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GLUTTON Indoor Recycling Station

Support your facility’s recycling program, help reduce labor costs, and improve worker well-being with this indoor recycling station.

  • Contains Post Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) exceeding EPA guidelines.
  • High-capacity, all-in-one centralized solution for efficient waste sortation.
  • Provided restrictive-opening tops, symbol label pack, and word label pack in three languages provide visual cues and encourage compliance.
  • Hinged lid allows easy access during emptying.
  • Custom imprinting available; contact Rubbermaid Customer Service at (800) 347-9800 for details.
  • Station Includes: 2 Glutton® 56 gallon containers, 4 Slim Jim® 23 gallon containers, 1 hinged lid frame, 8 restrictive-opening tops (4 circles, 2 paper slots, 1 square, 1 triangle), 1 label pack (symbol and word labels in English, French and Spanish)

Commercial Indoor Recycling Station

This high-capacity, all-in-one centralized solution provides flexible configurations for efficient, cost-effective waste sortation.

MULTIPLE STREAM SORTATION: Use any combination of the restrictive-opening tops to sort up to four separate waste streams. Tops snap securely into lid.

FLEXIBLE LABELING: Includes separate color-coded symbol and word labels for customizing the Recycling Station based on facility needs.

HIGH-CAPACITY COLLECTION: Improves productivity by reducing the frequency of trips to empty the filled containers. Holds up to 92 gallons of waste.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Features traditional Rubbermaid Commercial Products strength and durability in easy-to-clean, impact-resistant plastic.

EASY TO EMPTY Center hinge allows the lid to be opened from either side for easy access to waste. Eliminates the need to remove the lid during emptying and helps reduce worker strain and trip-and-fall hazards.


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Glutton Recycling Station