The Desksider Recycling Bin is a perfect fit for any office recycling program. These bins are manufactured to be lightweight and durable enough to handle whatever is thrown into it. From paper to cans and bottles, the Desksider will make sure recycling ends up in the right place around workstations.

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The Deskside Recycling Bin is the perfect tool to start or improve an office recycling program. Its compact design slides perfectly under or beside a desk and the design efficiently stacks 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.

  • Letter size paper stacks neatly in this bin keeping your workspace tidy
  • Ridges on bottom corners of the container reduce sliding on carpeted spaces
  • Inside rounded edges eliminate build up of dirt and grime in corners
  • When paired with our Hanging Waste Basket the Deskside Recycler is proven to improve recycling rates