Sustainability is a team effort, get in the game

Collect food scraps and recyclables with this easy to use, multi-stream recycling station. The Courtside is durable and large in capacity, making it ideal for eating areas of any kind with bold labels and different opening options that minimize confusion and ensure proper sorting.

  • SERVICING HAS NEVER BEEN MORE SIMPLE​ – The Courtside’s fenced in top intuitively communicates the users’ responsibility to return their tray while magnetic front doors and rigid liners with handles make servicing of this large capacity container a breeze​
  • DISCOVER YOUR WINNING, LONG-TERM SOLUTION ​- Durable powder-coated steel construction will last years and mask wear and tear​
  • PORTABLE AND EFFICIENT​ – Casters allow for easy transportation making it completely adaptable to changes in your space, as well as improving the ease of servicing the container​
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