A multi-stream collection bin perfect for busy indoor and outdoor environments, the Pavilion comes with scratch-resistant openings, signage and labels – that can be changed for evolving collection programs without the cost of replacing bins.

Front facing, interchangeable doors allow for customizability and easy access for collection.

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The Pavilion is a compact triple-stream station. Openings are textured to avoid scratches and are interchangeable to evolve with your program, while avoiding high container replacement costs. Doors are manufactured separately, allowing you to choose a custom two-toned look to complement your indoor or outdoor atmosphere. (Minimum 25 Units). Adding custom signage or labels will give a polished appearance while educating your participants on the desired stream collection and reducing contamination.

  • Start your collection program right away with this fully assembled, three stream container
  • Scratch-resistant LDPE body, with stone finish masks the appearance of wear and tear overtime
  • Lockable front door access increases security and simplifies servicing
  • Colorful, scratch-resistant, restrictive openings enhance stream identification and help reduce contamination
  • Lightweight HDPE liners with rounded corners allow for effortless maintenance