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The 2024 Bin Cleaning Season has begun!

We are truly thankful to all our loyal Halifax bin cleaning customers for their continued support!

Bindoctor is the market leader in both domestic and commercial GREEN bin cleaning in Canada. 


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Why Choose Us

Top Rated

  • 22 years experience of Professional Bin Cleaning
  • Rated #1 Bin Cleaning Service in Canada

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% environmentally friendly Cleaning Process
  • Fully self-contained unit using clean water only

Reduces Odors and Insects

  • Destroys germs and pathogens, while fully sanitizing the bin leaving it odor free
  • Reduces the attraction of adult flies, limiting egg deposits and maggots

Halifax Bin Cleaning Process


We do our best to provide NEXT DAY bin cleaning in Halifax so please ensure your bin is empty and visible. However, during busy season WE CANNOT GUARANTEE to get there NEXT DAY so please be patient.

Each visit your bin will receive the following treatment.

  1. Bin will cleaned using our specially designed  mobile bin cleaning unit with CLEAN water (not recycled) and the Bin Buddy Wash bay collects the dirty water and residue.
  2. Our application uses our own environmentally friendly “Bin Doctor Degreaser” to cut through the build-up of grease and grime.
  3. The bin will be hand wiped until completely clean and dry.
  4. Our own environmentally friendly “Bin Doctor Deodorizer” will be applied to the inside of the bin.
  5. Our specially designed “Grate Liner” will be placed inside your bin to absorb moisture and keep your grate clean.


Our Bin Cleaning season will begin on April 15th, 2024 and run until November 16th, 2024.

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Will the cleaning process make a mess on my property?
NO! Our technician parks and cleans the bin on the street and our cleaning unit is designed to contain the mess and most of the excess water.
Will my bin get cleaned if my collection falls on a Holiday?
YES! Your cleaning will be scheduled around the Holiday.
What happens if I forget to put my bin our for collection or I go on vacation?
SIMPLE! Immediately email or call the office to reschedule your cleaning. If we are not notified and our technician shows up to clean your bin and its full the visit will count as a cleaning.
Do I need to be at home while my bin is being cleaned?
NO! Just ensure the bin is empty and visible for the technician to clean.
What if your technician is not able to clean my bin due to bad weather or street closures?
No Worries! We will simply reschedule and arrange a new cleaning date.
Can I substitute my bin to clean my neighbors bin using my cleaning plan?
NO! Bin numbers are recorded and only that numbered bin will be cleaned.
Can I pay CASH at the door after my bin is cleaned?
NO! The technician no longer accepts payment of any type at the door so payment must be made online or in advance.

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